Prepare your garden for outdoor plants!

Ahhh outdoor plants, they come in all shapes and sizes. Plants for your balcony or garden. Hardy and evergreen plants, climbing plants, shrubs, ornamental grasses and flowering plants. But what is involved in preparing your outdoor space?

Clean soil
We prefer to start the garden season with clean soil, then your green friends do best! How can you do that? Remove weeds and also consider shovelling away the top layer of soil and filling it with fresh, new soil. Want to know more about soil for your outdoor plants? Read it here!

Getting started with the rake
Before you start planting your new acquisitions, you should mop up the soil once. It is best to do this with a rake, but you can also do it with your hands. As an extra, you can also add some fertilizer in this step! Especially if you already have some plants, this is a good step to keep in mind, after the winter they can use some extra nutrition.

Lime in your garden?
Normally it is best to sprinkle lime in the autumn so that you can benefit from it in the spring. Did you forget? Then early spring is fine too. Just make sure you go for quick-acting lime. Why is lime so important? It makes for healthy, strong plants that grow faster. Bring on the jungle!

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