Secret Spitfires – 10th-16th November 2017


Secret Spitfires – 10th-16th November 2017


Secret Spitfires

10th-16th November 2017

Friday 10th – 3.00pm & 4.45pm

Saturday 11th – 4.45pm

Sunday 12th – 4.45pm

Monday 13th – 3.00pm & 4.45pm

Tuesday 14th – 3.00pm & 4.45pm

Wednesday 15th- 4.45pm

Thursday 16th – 4.45pm

In 1940, the Germans succeed in destroying the Spitfire factories in Southampton, believing they have ended the threat from their nemesis.

But unknown to them, the British decide to build Spitfires in secret. Rural Towns and cities such as Salisbury, Trowbridge, Reading and Southampton in the South of England become a major centre for manufacturing Spitfires, hidden in sheds, garages, back gardens, a bus depots and even a hotel. With a workforce mainly made up of unskilled young girls, boys, women, elderly men and a handful of engineers, thousands of Spitfires were built, becoming instrumental in winning the war.

Witnesses account this never before told story of amazing achievement, recounting times of terrible sadness as well as joyous times that include GI’s, a Glen Miller concert and a Joe Louis boxing match. Set against a backdrop of picturesque English countryside, the RAF pilots who fly them today and of course, the iconic Spitfires themselves. This incredible story concludes with Vera Lynne reciting a moving poem written by a Spitfire pilot.

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